johnnie walker 60 years blue label whiskey

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Johnnie Walker Blue Label 750 ml whiskey, made with a mixture of some of Scotland's most exclusive whiskeys.


Only one in 10,000 barrels achieves the virtues of the blue badge, with hints of hazelnuts, honey, sherry and oranges, it has a soft, long-lasting taste with a light smoked.


Made with selected barrels Johnnie Walker Blue Label offers an optimal sensory experience

Contains Scotch malt whiskeys and ripe grain

Smooth and well balanced, with chocolate notes and completed with floral and spicy notes, as well as aromas of honey and smoke

It is best enjoyed only with a glass of ice water to refresh and rinse the palate

Johnnie Walker Blue Label has received numerous awards, including six Grand Gold in the Le Monde Selection awards



The Johnnie Walker Distillery has been run by the same company for 5 generations. This has ensured that tradition, care and handwork are followed when making whiskey.

In 1820, John Walker bought a farm and a wine and spirits business in Kilmarock.

It was his son Alexander who joined him in 1856, who is truly responsible for the beginnings of the company and preparing it for the 20th century. He took advantage of the city of Kilmarnock which was a well-known center selling carpets and textiles to make known the whiskey of the family among the vendors who came to the city. He used the trading system used by businessmen to start exporting whiskey outside the city.


Alexander went to England and in 1880 opened his first office in London. The opportunity could not be better since everything coincided with the death of the French cognac as the main consumer product between the upper classes of the country and the encounter with the Scotch Whiskey. At that time the whiskey was known simply as Walker's Kilmarnock.


In 1890 Alexander opened another office in Sydney Australia and in 1897 he hired vendors in South Africa and opened another office in Birmingham.


It was not until 1908, about 20 years after Alexander's death that the "Johnnie Walker" brand began to be used.


Johnnie Walker Blue Label is mixed to recreate the authentic flavor and character of some of the earliest whiskey blends created in the 19th century, giving it a rich and turbid taste combined with a soft, distinctive malt flavor that will be grateful for the most expert palates


The mixture that forms Blue Label comes from those first pioneer days when John Walker selected a small group of whiskeys at his local store, with the intention of creating an exceptional blend for the specific palate of a highly valued consumer.


Especially selected among the finest and rarest whiskeys of the Walker Reserves, each whiskey used in the creation of the Blue Label mix is ​​matured for a long time in its barrel until it reaches its perfection point. Only some whiskeys can reach that depth and complexity of flavor over time.

This is why Johnnie Walker Blue Label has become a masterpiece of the art of whiskey mixing.

Although the age of aging is not declared, it is believed that the whiskeys that make up this blend are between 50 and 60 years old.

Technical specifications



1 liter capacity

Crystal format

Kilmarnoch Production Zone

Blended style

Alcoholic graduation 40%

Tasting Notes A small sip first reveals a velvety and pleasant sensation on the palate, followed by an explosion of flavors: notes of arm honey, walnuts, hazelnuts, rose petals, sherry and oranges.

Conservation Away from direct light in a cool dry place

Manufacturer / Producer John Walker & Sons

Country of Origin Scotland


Allergenic information Sulphites

San Francisco Spirits Awards - Gold

Aging time in barrel 2 years

Johnie Walker brand

Whiskey ingredients

Manufacturer Diageo

Preparation recommendations Serve at room temperature

Specialty Gluten Free

Storage instructions Store in a cool, dry and protected from light.

Aged Adult

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