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The Iberian ham is a type of ham from the Iberian pig.

For its production it must have at least 50% purity of this breed to be called "Iberian ham", although the highest quality will be 100% Iberian hams from Iberian pigs in which both parents will be 100% breed Iberian. For the rest of Iberian hams, crossings with the Duroc pig breed are allowed. The main characteristics that distinguish Iberian hams in their quality derive from the purity of the breed of animals, from the extensive rearing of the Iberian pig in wooded pastures where they can move widely and perform physical exercise, from the food that follows the pig in the montanera period, and finally of the healing of the ham, which usually extends between 24 and 48 months, needing more healing time the larger the piece size and the greater amount of acorn the pig has ingested.

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