CHORIZO SLICED JOSELITO - Made with noble pieces. 100% natural

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Joselito Sliced Chorizo

Made with noble pieces. 100% Natural, without preservatives or dyes.

Intense and prolonged flavor, full of nuances. Recognized for its paprika aroma, for its soft texture that contrasts with a powerful product, full of flavor, aromatized and of great taste intensity and amazing juiciness. It is the unmistakable flavor of a piece made by hand and in a traditional way that has become, together with ham, an emblematic product of the Iberian pig.



Joselito Sliced ​​Chorizo

Made with noble pieces. 100% Natural, without preservatives or dyes.



The ingredients of the Joselito Sliced ​​Chorizo ​​are: lean pork, sea salt, paprika and sugar.


The Chorizo ​​Joselito Sliced ​​goes through a natural healing process of more than 6 months.


5 vacuum packed trays of Chorizo ​​Joselito Sliced ​​of 70g each.


Sliced ​​Joselito Chorizo ​​should be stored at a temperature between 4 - 10 ºC.


It is advisable to remove Joselito Sliced ​​Chorizo ​​from the chamber at least 60 min before consumption.


To fully appreciate the flavor and aroma of Joselito Chorizo, it must be consumed at room temperature between 20 and 25 ° C. 100% Natural · No preservatives or additives


Chorizo ​​is understood as the mixture of minced meats, coming from the noble pieces exclusively of pork, seasoned with sea salt, paprika, garlic and sugar, kneaded and stuffed in the gut, which has had a ripening-drying process, which is characterized for its red color and its characteristic smell and taste.

The cut is characterized by a thick mince and bright coloration of the infiltration of fat in the muscles of the pig raised in extensive.

To facilitate its consumption and to be able to enjoy all its qualities to the fullest, slicing, carried out in a rigorous manner and with the appropriate thickness, will always be ready to take to the table.

NUTRITIONAL VALUES * average values ​​per 100 g of product

Energy value (Kcal / Kg) 1722 kJ 415 Kcal

Protein (g) 26 g

Carbohydrates 1.2 g. of which sugars 1.2 g

Fat 34.6 g. of which Saturated 9.9 g.

Monounsaturated 20.5 g.

Polyunsaturated 4.2 g.

Food fiber 0 g.

Salt 3'8 g.

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