JB - J&B - Wisky - MAGNUM - 3 liters - BIG Format - 100% Scottish

VAT included

J&B 3 Liters

Blended Scotch Whiskey

* Composed of a selection of 42 grain and malt whiskeys from Speyside, Islay, Highland and Lowland

* A product recognized worldwide

* Unique, fresh, fruity and slightly smoky flavor

JB is one of the best selling brands in the world and preferred by the consumer of blended whiskey without aging.

Grain whiskeys add freshness and liveliness by completing the blend with a unique flavor.

J&B contains a high percentage of carefully selected Speyside malt whiskeys at the heart of the blend

They contribute to superior softness and an elegant aroma.



The history of the brand begins in 1749 when the Justerini & Johnson wine brand created by Giacomo Justerini and George Johnson is established in London. In 1831 Alfre Brooks joins the company and the commercial brand is renamed Justerini & Brooks.

In 1950 the first considerable exports of the new J&B whiskey began in the United States, arriving in the decade of the 70s to export more than 3 million boxes a year.

During the decade of the 80s the J&B brand is established in southern Europe coinciding with the economic liberalization and formation of the European Union. Today J&B is the leading brand in Europe and the second worldwide.

J&B is a mixture of 42 individual malt whiskeys and grain whiskeys chosen for their personality as fine whiskeys and for their ability to provide complexity, style and a unique flavor in a blend.

Those Speyside whiskeys add a fruity touch to the blend, the extra complexity is achieved with the careful use of soft and light Lowland malts and robust Highland malts.

A touch of Islay whiskeys - the subtlest and least strong - are used to provide a bottom of calm peat.

J&B has a unique flavor. Fresh and fruity in aroma with a touch of smoked.


Technical specifications


3 liter capacity

Crystal format

Blended style

Alcoholic graduation 40%

Presentation Bottle

Weight 4.80

Manufacturer / Producer Justerini & Brooks

Country of Origin Scotland

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